Coping (and Cat Hair)

Coping (and Cat Hair)

Got interviewed this morning (via Skype) by House Hunters International – and if that’s not blog worthy, then I don’t know what is.  It was fun – the producer I spoke with was very nice, working from her home in London with her cute toddler daughter talking and interrupting in the background (having worked from home with toddlers myself, I enjoyed the interaction with her little “assistant” which in turn made me miss my own girls’ toddler-years; well, parts of them anyway).

I don’t know if anything will come of today’s interview.  We are pursuing it, so we’ll see.  I liked that House Hunters International found us by coming across my blog on the Internet – so that was fun.  Recently my blog was added to this Expat website blog directory – so that’s fun, too.  Having my blog get a little attention has made me thinking and assessing again lately about why I’m writing it.  A friend of mine back in the Chicago area writes a blog about her life with her amazing son, who happens to be special needs.  She recently commented that she was going to stop writing it because she didn’t think anyone was reading it.  I’m happy to report that she hasn’t given up – and her link is available here.

That too has made me rethink as to why I’m writing my blog – that I’ve now been writing for three months – and I think the answer is the same answer I provided to my friend back home:  I’m writing it for myself, more than anything else.  It’s a known fact that writing (be it a diary, letter, keeping a journal, etc.) is a coping mechanism for lots of issues (I just searched for peer-reviewed articles to back up my expert psych opinion here, and didn’t find any quickly… but I’m sure they are out there, I just don’t want to spend anymore time searching for them all through it’s really rare for Google to let me down).  And on the subject for sharing your writing, since we are in the current technological age of sharing everything online (thank you: Facebook) – then blogging is a good avenue, too, and thanks to sites like WordPress – it doesn’t cost much (although they got me good recently as I needed to purchase more space for photos… some of which I’m not sure I have permission to post but that subject is really confusing… at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…)

In the three months we’ve been here, our family has had to deal with all sorts of issues.  Some of which we were prepared for.  Some of which we were told about, but the reality of dealing with them didn’t even come close to the reality.  Moving to a new area is hard.  Moving to a new country is even harder.  Funny here is a comment I shared this morning with the House Hunters International producer:  I would never have described our family as “adventurous”.  Hubby and I have only been out of the country together – one time – and that was for our honeymoon.  World travelers – or travelers of any kind – we are not.  I hate flying and we don’t really enjoy long car trips all that much.  I would describe our family as “home bodies” – which is ironic now that we live in a different country all together.  It’s funny sometimes how things turn out – and I’ll share here that I am a very firm believer that things always happen for a reason (I’ll give credit to my wonderful mom here as that’s something she has always said and believed in).

Adjusting to our new environment has been really tough at times and I’ve turned to different methods to help me cope – and I can say that writing this blog has to be one of the most helpful copying activities I have found.  I’d recommend writing as a copying mechanism to anyone – regardless of what you are going through.   And trying to find a funny spin on things we are dealing with here has also been a huge help.  Car accidents, cockroaches, missing friends and family, leaving a job that you liked after 14 years – honestly none of those are laughing matters, right?  But in my opinion, keeping a good sense of humor and an open mind can be a huge help as you navigate life – no matter where you live.  It’s really important to hubby and I that we find ways to always laugh – a lot – not only for our own sakes and sanity, but for our children’s, too.

Here’s a good quote from a book I’m reading right now: “it is not the events and people in our lives that give us stress but the way we react to them“.   If I had read that statement ten years ago I wouldn’t have understood it.  I probably don’t understand it all that much now, but I appreciate it’s value and work really hard every day here to live it.

If you happen to click on the book link, you’ll notice it’s a book about yoga.  I’ve always enjoyed yoga but have never really been able to really get into it.  But I’m thinking that I just needed to be in a particular place in my life to really appreciate it, as it too has started to become an amazing tool to help me adjust here.  I recently joined  a yoga class at school which I’m really enjoying (at the beginning of every class I’m annoyed and tense and crabby from my drive into school and other issues, but it never fails that at the end of the class all of that goes away.  And it’s mostly  in Spanish – so I just can imagine how helpful it will be as I get a better handle on the language and can actually understand everything she is saying!).  I really like what this book has to offer for the mind and health – not just your body.  Just a quick word of advice about practicing yoga:  do not do yoga in the same room as two kittens.  No matter how cute they are, sucking in a mouthful of their hair will not taste good, and hearing them rustle about while you are trying to meditate and learn proper breathing (what is that?  the cats?  what are they chasing?  is that a oh my holy crap aaahHHHHHHH IT’S A COCKROACH!) does nothing whatsoever for your mind, health or body.  I’m just saying.

So I’ll continue to write this blog – and if you read it – then thank you very much.  In a way it makes me feel still connected to friends and family who we are no longer near.  Comments and Facebook likes are fun and rewarding – but you know what – even without those it’s still rewarding in and of itself – just for me.

But, hey, if you are a Producer for the Daily Show With Jon Stewart – then YES – I am available to do an interview!


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    • So glad to hear you are going to continue with this blog.Good luck with House Hunters International–it’s one of my favorite shows. I think it would be so cool to see you on TV since I don’t get to see you except on Skype. From my experience, dog hair tastes better than cat hair–just saying

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  1. I really enjoyed reading all your stories thus far. So much to learn and had me thinking all day as I muddled through laundry, junk mail and the boring stuff. Keep on pushing, writing…cathartic, yes indeed. I look forward to more of your adventures. In addition, thank you for sharing my link about Nick and his special needs (Down syndrome and autism). Keep those fingers clicking the keys with me! 🙂

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