Don’t Pack Scissors When Flying To Cancun

Don’t Pack Scissors When Flying To Cancun
We just got back from spending Thanksgiving in Cancun.  Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Mexico, so if you can’t spend that wonderful American tradition with friends and family, going to an all-inclusive tropical resort is probably the next best thing.

We had a great time
.  We saw and visited lots of amazing and beautiful sights.  We enjoyed the ocean waves, that contained every shade of blue imaginable, and the white, soft sand.  We ate and drank way too much and didn’t get much sleep.  It was great.  I’m not going to go into any specific details about our Cancun trip – but to say that we would highly recommend it to anyone to visit so you should go and experience it for yourself.  It’s got something for everyone – be it families with children, honeymooners, retirees, etc.

A couple of observations to mention:  I didn’t realize just how bad the roads are in our local area until we got into the taxi at the Cancun airport to go to our resort.  It felt like we were gliding – not riding in a vehicle.  The roads in Cancun are better taken care of than what we have in our current area – which a lot of times feels like you are just starting to ascend the slope at the beginning of any roller coaster.  It’s funny what you become accustomed to.  Cancun bus drivers are just as loco as our own local autobús operators.  There must be some stunt-training, defensive-driving school somewhere in this country required to get a bus operator permit.  I can’t otherwise explain why there isn’t a bus-involved accident on every corner of every street every day – so that’s my best guess on that peculiarity.  Quick word of advice on shopping in Cancun (or anywhere in Mexico I would assume):  be prepared to be constantly bombarded by shop-keepers to shop their wares, and be prepared to haggle.  I thought I was getting better at haggling until we returned to our resort, visited the gift shop and spotted the “one-of-a-kind” mask that we had haggled down at  Chichén Itzá – but for $200 pesos less than what we paid.  I guess for the extra pesos we can at least say we got it at Chichén Itzá which is more fun than saying we got it at the hotel gift shop.

We even enjoyed traveling – which typically I do not.  It’s stressful and I do not like crowds and so usually do not look forward to time spent in airports.  I also do not enjoy flying and am somewhat claustrophobic – which usually makes any flight very uncomfortable.  But I have to say that there isn’t anything I can complain about for our flights to and from Cancun.  Our two girls, historically, have not been good travel companions – be it on flights, in long car rides and don’t get me started on nightmare hotel visits we’ve experienced where they refused to go to sleep – which means we don’t get to sleep.  But both girls were great companions – for most of the time rolling along their own pint-sized luggage, good spirits about waiting in long lines and playing Fire Maple games on my Nook (I recommend all of Fire Maples games, by the way).  Although, another observation I’ll share here:  do not let your seven-year old pack their own travel bag.  She loves to do crafts so when she asked to pack her crayon box, I told her that would be fine as coloring would be a great activity on the plane.  And it would have been until our luggage got flagged and pulled out of the security line to be inspected and the demand was made if we were packing any sharp objects.  Being responsible travelers, we told the stern security very adamantly that: NO, of course we didn’t pack any sharp objects.  So it was very uncomfortable to proceed to watch as the gloved hands went through all our stuff to pull out a pair of scissors our daughter had packed in with her crayons.  I’ll admit that for a second horrifying visions of cavity searches, lengthy interrogations and me screaming for a lawyer spun through my head (mostly thanks to recently watching 2 seasons of Homeland) – but security just shook their head at us, gave us back our scissors but proceeded to confiscate our toothpaste and sunscreen.

Lastly, I came across this Yahoo article this morning that made me laugh, especially in light of our own recent travels:  How To Spot an American In Any Airport.  Normally I would never, ever link to a Yahoo article but I’ll link to this one because our American family either embodied these aspects – or we at least saw them first-hand during our recent travels (my comments are in parentheses):

“Here are the top 10 ways to spot Americans in an airport.

1. They make a beeline for the McDonald’s.
(We didn’t eat any McDonalds, but I’ll admit that the golden arches makes us feel a little like we’re home)

2. They’re in sweatpants.
(So true! Although I will admit we weren’t participating in this dress-code)

3. They’re wearing baseball caps.
(again – true! Although I would say here equally with the caps are the cowboy hats)

4. They make fun of where they are…
5. …that is, if they even know where they are.
(I’ll admit to not having experienced these two items…)

6. They try to cut into the security line.
7. They strip in the security line.
(We were too busy with the scissors-incident to worry about what other Americans were doing at security)

8. They call it a “security line.”
(Yes, I agree:  it’s a “line” not a “queue”)

9. They think that asking for things loudly is more effective…
(Yes!  Surely if I’m speaking English to someone who only speaks Spanish – they WILL understand if I simply speak louder)

10. They’re drunk.”
(We were not but will admit that all the airport bars were packed – even so early in the mornings – but I honestly didn’t notice if they were packed with Americans versus just other thirsty people)

So the moral of today’s blog is that that I highly recommend Cancun to anyone.  Actually, my recommendation would be to VISIT US FIRST – and then Cancun.  Just make sure to leave your scissors at home


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  1. I can relate to looking like Americans. We were in London with our ball caps, tennis shoes and fanny packs on. Can’t scream more American than that. Glad you had a nice time in Cancun, scissors and all 🙂


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