Our family moved to Mexico from the Chicago suburbs – spending a year there as ex-pats.  At the beginning of that adventure I was told that blogging would “help me adjust” – and you know what?  It did.

We have since returned to the United States, but a part of our hearts will forever remain in Mexico.

These blogs represent the year we spent there.

My blog is one (of many) featured on two expat websites – offering expat blogs from all over the world – expand your own world and visit those here:



I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Expat Blog: A Shared Adventure – my interview is available here:

Johannah in Tampico: “So many places here in Mexico are just beautiful”.


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  1. Hi! Your blog is really great and your journey to Mexico looks like a lot of fun! I am actually interested in teaching abroad in a Spanish speaking country. Right now I am an undergrad Spanish major, taking a 400 level class. Our assignment is to create a class blog and get viewers from different countries. My assigned country is Mexico. Our blog is about different news and customs in the US. I would love it if you could share our class page in Mexico! muchas gracias!

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